Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This is the best job in the world

.... because you can do it at the cricket.

England playing Pakistan. In the sun at Headingley (a short bus ride from the office). Sun shining, final day of the test match. Lots of support for both sides. A pile of philosophy papers, books lying around. Lots of interesting stuff about vagueness, composition, monism etc to puzzle about between wickets falling (which they did regularly). I'm particularly intrigued by this paper at the moment.

England won by about 130 runs just before tea, allowing time to come back and sort email and blog before coming home.


Philip Ebert said...

Wait a minute, you are telling me that you went to the last test match with a bunch of philosophy papers (and probably a cup of tea as well) and read them while "watching" cricket?? Somehow, I `feel' there is something wrong about that, but I just can't put my finger on it....;-))

Robbie said...

Cynicism! From one who knows me too... I'm mortally offended. No tea was involved, and since we won before the tea break, no beer either.

Actually, it was officially a day's holiday. But of course, what I do on my holidays is read philosophy papers (sad but true, as my nearest and dearest will tesitify). By my reckoning, I got through two and half papers, which isn't bad considering how good a match it was...

Philip Ebert said...


Next time I will attempt to post something more valuable, Robbie -- promised.

Also, if what you do during your holidays is just the same as on working days then one may argue that you are on a constant (paid) holiday -- now that is cool.