Monday, April 02, 2007

To the APA

The Boise metametaphysics conference finished today. A really fun event! I gave quick versions of my comments on Ted's naturalness paper this morning.

One thing that was kind of surprising to me is that there weren't many people defending the sort of "realist Quinean" view that I (along with a lot of people) took to be the orthodoxy. Carnapians (of various flavours), Aristotelians, and the like were more in evidence.

I found the framework and ideas in Dave Chalmers' "Ontological anti-realism" paper particularly stimulating. It suggests to me some nice ways of extending some of the views I have on ontic vagueness. Lots to think about.

Anyway, I'm now about to get on a plane for San Francisco, for the Pacific APA. It was very exciting seeing the Pacific for the first time as I flew in to SF on the way to Boise; I'm really looking forward to seeing the city and attending the conference.

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